YSD Principals and Instructional Facilitators Grow Their Understanding of Fractions!

LC Math Leads Learning the fraction progressionsWilson and Franklin IFs connect 3-5 Fractions to 6-8 fractionsMLK Math Leaders use Manipulatives to build fraction understandingESD 105’s Dawn Sparks works with Ridgeview Elementary math leaders Barge Elementary Math Leaders learning new fractions strategies Robertson, Whitney, and McKinley IFs team up to build their coaching skills!  

Principals and Instructional Facilitators met for a half day to learn more about ways to teach and learn fractions. The groups spent time learning how students learn fractions starting from 2nd grade all the way to 8th grade. They watched the Graham Fletcher Progression video clips and engaged in hands-on activities that helped them learn the strategies that work best for students. The group had opportunities to rethink the way they see fractions and had fun using resources like “Beyond Pizzas and Pies” and hands-on manipulatives.

Source: Yakima School District