Yakima’s Annual Chalk Art Festival Goes Halloween

YAKIMA, WA – Yakima’s Chalk Art Festival was hosted in downtowns performance park and skilled artists were able to show off their work in a halloween theme.

“Art to me is something very personal, you know it’s a thing of expression and I feel like us as individuals we should all be able to express ourselves, especially as a community you know?” said Oscar Hurtado, local artist.

Expression was seen very colorfully on the ground with artists covered in chalk from head to toe.

“We feel its so important to have an event where you’re bringing the community together and also that are for families” said Andrew Holt, Executive Director of the Downtown Association of Yakima. “When you have people that are community members who might not know each other who are next to each other sharing art, saying of I like what you did and oh that was really cool and you’re bonding through that.”

The Downtown Association of Yakima wants people to know that… “Downtown Yakima is still very much alive and its very community oriented and we want families and children and everyone to feel like this is a place for them, right?” said Holt. “It’s still very vital, it’s the core of the city, it’s the identity of the city and we don’t ever want then to forget that.”

This is the 6th year the Downtown Association has thrown on the Chalk Art Fest but the first year with its happy halloween theme.

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