Yakima PD and Fire Department Honor Lives Lost on 911

YAKIMA, WA – This year marks the 20 year anniversary of an event that changed American history.

911 is one of the most tragic historical events people still remember to this day. Yakima Police Department and Fire Department wanted to have a memorial service to honor those that were killed.

“There were thousands of police and fire fighters at the World Trade Center on September 11th 2001 and we all know that 414 lost their lives that day.” said Chief Matt Murray, Yakima Police Department. “Many others have suffered from toxic exposure… even after 20 years these police officers and fire fighters are losing their lives.”

Yakima Fire Departments’ Chief shared his memories about the tragedy 20 years ago.

“Well it kind of just brings things to home knowing how dangerous our job is and you that, that can happen to any in the profession.” said Chief Aaron Markham, Yakima Fire Department.

When talking about his visit to New York City to see the 911 memorial site, Chief Markham got emotional thinking about what had happened.

“We were able to see ground zero and the pools that, that were built and being a… I’m sorry. ” said Chief Markham, holding back a tear.

“Being a small town kid, you know, these buildings around here in Yakima are nothing compared to – I’ve never been to New York City and when you stand there in a pool that’s about the size of a acre and look up to buildings that are hundreds stories tall. I mean its just, it is amazing to just see what had happened.”

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