With Gratitude: Addy Logsdon Consulting, for sponsoring the Black Violin curriculum for our regional school communities

The Yakima School District wishes to convey gratitude to Addy Logsdon Consulting.

Addy Logsdon Consulting sponsored a pre-recorded concert with Black Violin including teaching support through a study guide, the performance itself, and a Q&A with the artists.

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Black Violin enters the student virtual space with an all-new, high-energy, performance that takes their unique blend of classical music, hip-hop, jazz, and pop to new heights.  Recorded at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, this engaging, high definition multi-camera video covers themes of perseverance, exploration, and unity with songs like RiseUnbreakableBelieverDreamer and Impossible is Possible.  Embedded in the performance is a message for students and educators about challenging stereotypes and status quo conventions, and that pathways to success require commitment, practice and unwavering dedication.  During a pre-recorded question and answer session, Black Violin discusses their personal history, their journey to the stage, and their plans to continue their mission with their non-profit organization, Black Violin Foundation

Black Violin

Source: Yakima School District