Who's Pulling Your Strings? FCCLA Talk on Depression

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Lyndsey Roy and Kloey Iverson, FCCLA members and students from Eisenhower High School presented and faciliated a workshop which was held on Wednesday, December 12, 2018 for parents and students.  The purpose of the workshop was to inform the audience about depression, signs of depression and resources available for help.  Lyndsey presented a personal story about her struggle with depression and how it effected her life.  Truths and Myths about depression were presented in a Kloey Iverson and Lyndsey Roy Mistee Magalei Deborah Loomis kahoot game for the audience to participate in.  A presentation on “Emotional Hygiene” that included the difference between depression and sadness was given by Deborah Loomis who is the Social and Emotional Specialist at Eisenhower High School.  The concluding speaker was Mistee Magalei who is a counselor & therapist at Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health who talked about treatment of depression with teens.  

Source: Yakima School District