Tips to help you recover from burnout

TRI-CITIES, WA – If you are feeling burnt out at work, you are not alone. Research shows 70% of employees are currently feeling burnout.

Pay attention to your needs. Taking charge of your physical and emotional health is key to burnout recovery.

If you are feeling burnout, Janet Peters, an associate professor of psychology at Washington State University has advice for you. She said the scope of advice varies.

Her daily advice is to help cope with stress, get enough sleep, exercise, and eat healthily. You could also do daily activities like meditation, but she said you will not mediate your way out of burnout.

A lot of Americans choose not to, but those days are there for you to let your body and mind recharge. She said it takes reflection and working with your supervisor.

“But also thinking, if they are unwilling to help. Do you need to change positions? Maybe you love your job, but maybe it is not the right company for you. Is the burnout because there is a lack of fit there? And I think, really big picture, maybe it is not the right industry,” she said.

Another daily thing is setting boundaries with digital devices. Instead of watching Netflix or being on social media, research shows it is better to go play tennis with a friend or meeting up and chatting with someone you have not talked to.

When you use some of your downtime for action or exercise, opposed to resting and being on social media, you get a lot of benefit from it.

Source: NBC Right Now