Student learning and collaboration around the world!

BL 5th grader to present virtually about her MX heritage to an international audience of other students on Thanksgiving Day.

In August, an education consultant/private learning center from Nairobi, Keyna reached out to the Google Trainer community to see if there was interest in student learning and collaboration. The consult center from Nairobi wanted to collaborate with students across the world to build global citizenship and foster public speaking! 

After attending the public speaking workshop that month, the concept was brought to the Racial Equity & Diversity Committee at Barge Lincoln. This committee at Barge Lincoln made the decision to invite students who may be interested in participating in the Nairobi center.  Currently, Barge Lincoln has one fifth-grade student leader, Michelle Flores, who is participating in this collaboration.

Throughout the year, there are monthly topics/themes, and students present for three minutes on their chosen topic.  For example, there have been student presenters from Kenya, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Tanzania that have spoken on families, pets, traditions.  As of now, Barge Lincoln’s student, Michelle, will be presenting on Thursday, November 25, 2021, on her Mexican heritage at 8:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time.    

Source: Yakima School District