Schneider Springs Fire is Now at 86 Thousand Acres

OKANAGAN-WENATCHEE NATIONAL FOREST – The Schneider Springs fire has been growing almost 14 hundred acres in size everyday.

According to the incident command team for the fire, it is 85,639 Acres with 10% containment.

Fire fighters from all over the country have been sent over here to help try to contain the Schneider Springs fire and they have been working tirelessly to guard the front lines

“Typically our shifts are 16 hour days and 2 weeks at a time. Sometimes we extend to 21 days as well, so anywhere from 14 to 21 days in a row, 16 hours a day.” said Jacob Welsh, Public Information Officer for The Schneider Springs Fire. “So we’re working day and night to try to contain the Schneider Springs fire.” 

The Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest is closed to the public according to the fire crew but it is open to people who do have private residency. All recreation, like camp grounds and lakes are closed currently too. There are cabin that are leased by the forest service, but they are not allowed to go to them as of right now.

“We anticipate this fire putting smoke into the area and burning in the wilderness where we can’t access it.” said Welsh. “Essentially we get what we call a season ending event and that’s when we get a substantial amount of rain fall that will prevent the fire from moving.” 

Until then fire fighters will continue to work in hazardous conditions in order to keep the public safe

Schneider Springs Fire is Now at 86 Thousand Acres

“Yeah I mean there’s always inherent risks and it’s something I think most people look at and they see as dangerous.” said Engine Boss for Delaware Fire, Erich Burkenkine. “I think when you work at something like this in the high frequency like you have a really good awareness and a really good feeling when you’re in a bad situation.” 

The incident fire crew are asking people to avoid the area this labor day weekend because fire crews need space to affectively fight the fire.

Source: NBC Right Now