Roosevelt Rocks, We are BEARS!

While it is true that schools are closed, Learning is not! Roosevelt administrators, teachers, and support staff have been actively communicating daily with students and their respective families. Through various points of contact and two-way communication such as phone calls, voicemails, mailed letters, and post cards home, Remind app notifications, emails, Google meets, Roosevelt Webpage, Roosevelt Booster Club Facebook page, preparing/distributing learning packets, and meals; Roosevelt staff has had an estimated 6,000+ interactions with families regarding their child’s education and social emotional well-being. At Roosevelt we follow BEAR expectations. That means that Roosevelt Bears will: Be safe, Expect success, Act responsibly, Respect all. Since 1903, Roosevelt has been a great place to learn and grow- we truly withhold a strong legacy and great future despite unprecedented times. It is times like this, as a staff, we persevere, support, and maintain our mantra: “We are BEARS!” #RooseveltRocks #RooseveltStrong #YSDpride

Roosevelt Staff: We are BEARS!

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Roosevelt Rocks! We are BEARS!

Source: Yakima School District