Pacific Power Announces Line And Underground Extension Cost Allowance Changes To Washington Rule 14

Beginning June 28, 2019, positive changes that include increased allowances and subsidies for line and underground extension projects went into effect for Washington Rule 14 – Line Extensions. Also included in the rule update is non-residential customers are now eligible for a 2-times Estimated Annual Revenue credit to offset electrical installation costs. Unused portions of the allowances can now cover certain costs associated with trenching, conduit and vaults.

These changes build upon modifications made to Washington Rule 14 in 2018. Last year the changes reduced the facilities charges and the duration of certain contract minimums.

For more information on these positive changes to Washington Measure 14 – Line Extensions, call Lori Froehlich, regional business manager, at 509-575-3115.

Line extension allowance changes:

New Old

·   Per residence

·   Service where secondary is at the lot line in a subdivision







Residential Developer

·   Per residence to bring secondary to the lot line in a subdivision





Non-residential Allowance 2 x EAR 1 x EAR
Trenching, Conduit & Vaults (TCV) Allowance may be used toward TCV costs (but only if the customer has the Company provide the TCV) Customer funded

Other Changes:

Section Explanation of change
I.D. Extension Allowance Language added stating meters, CTs & PTs are at Company expense in addition to any Allowance (no change in practice).
I.G. Facilities Charges Language added so that the Contract Minimum Billing does not include facilities charges on the allowance used for TCV.
I.H. Refunds New Section.  Moved much of the repetitive language on refunds in other section to this one section.  (language moved from II.B, II.C, III.B.1, III.B.2, IV.C)

Language added that clarifies refunds are not due from future customers if the original customer only paid for their capacity, and the Company paid the remainder (no change in practice).

Source: City of Pasco