Over 1600 Farmers to Families Food Boxes Distributed in Yakima

The Farmers to Families Food Box Program is a part of the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program aimed at connecting national, regional, and local food distributors and farmers with local communities in need. This is a win-win program that helps both farmers and communities who have suffered loss during this crisis. This has been an incredible resource throughout the nation during the crisis at hand and according to the USDA, as of July 24th, 2020 this program has distributed over 46 million Farmers to Families Food Boxes throughout the nation. 

On July 29th, 2020 at Franklin Middle School the Yakima School District partnered with Chelan Fresh Produce to provide over 1680 fresh produce boxes to the community here in Yakima. The principals of both Franklin Middle School and Wilson Middle School Sherry Anderson and Earnesto Araiza provided their exceptional leadership to help coordinate the distribution process. Sherry Anderson commented that, “Any time an opportunity like this comes up to help our community, you can count me in.” The distribution wouldn’t have been possible without the twenty youth volunteers from a local faith based organization in who showed up with enthusiasm and energy to help with the distribution of the food boxes. One volunteer when asked what they thought of the opportunity shared, “I am so blessed to be doing this.” Another volunteer even gave up of his time on his 16 birthday to be here and was celebrated amongst his peers as being a admirable leader to them all. What a way to give on your birthday!

The community was full of gratitude for the local produce and many families who came through the lines shared their appreciation to have a supplement to their groceries in such a time as this. These are the things that Yakima Valley does well; bringing together farmers, families, and community to work together to sustain each other no matter the situation. As not only an employee of the Yakima School District Food Services Department but a nutrition professional I was proud to be a part of a community event like this that provided nutritious, wholesome, and practical produce from the Pacific Northwest to Yakima. I hope to be a part of many more events like this to inspire our community that we’re all in this together. Let’s keep creating hope in our valley, Yakima!Volunteers distributing the 1600+ farm boxes to families. July 29th, 2020 Franklin Middle School.

Source: Yakima School District