Nob Hill Rocking Attendance

Nob Hill staff and families have done an amazing job getting their students to class during this challenging time of Hybrid Learning.  Attendance has been a yearlong focus for the staff at Nob Hill.  Each team analyzes attendance data on a weekly basis as they work on improving attendance and engagement.  Each staff member has been committed to maintaining two way communication between home and school, and meeting the needs of each individual student.  Staff at Nob Hill have been working endless hours teaching and meeting with families, to better support each student. Nob Hill currently has 87 percent of it’s students with satisfactory attendance. 

Mrs. Barnick and her second grade class are running on 75 straight days of perfect attendance. Her class has earned a pizza party, as well as the opportunity to give Mrs. Barnick a pie in the face for their accomplishments.  Mrs. Barnick has been doing an amazing job working with each of her students’ families working on getting them to school and preparing them for success.  

Congratulations Nob Hill Staff and Families!  Keep rocking the attendance and continue Reaching for Excellence!

Source: Yakima School District