Nob Hill Elementary: Nighthawk Strong Challenge

The Nighthawk Strong challenge is a new opportunity created by the NHE Specialist Team to help students learn to make and achieve goals to strengthen their body, mind, and family/community during the 2021-22 school year.   To strengthen the body:  run 30 miles during our weekly Mileage Club (do running); to strengthen the mind: read 30 books or achieve 30 points with the Accelerated Reading program (do reading); to strengthen the community:  do 30 good deeds for family or in the community (do right).   Families support this effort by helping to track the books read and the “do rights” completed in the home and community.   This long-term goal was split into three short-term goals or phases.  For phase 1, September-November, we had 68 students successfully complete the challenge!  We are so proud of all of our students who worked at achieving their goals, and give special congratulations to the following students for achieving their first goal of 10 miles/10 books/10 deeds:  Reuben S., Mia R., Lucius W., Laiklyn M., Julian V., Ben C., Piper R., Iszack Q., Cynthia H., Octavio T., Emiliano L., Amir M., Bob H., Giovanni B., Matthew W.,  Leilani S., Julianna R., Julianne L., Fermin B., Elsia M., Harlie B., Fiona P., Ava L., Taylor F, Gavin F, Ivanna R., Lucas G., Sophia U, Sofia C., Jalaya E., Lily M., Ireland W., Logan R., Abigail Q., Ben S., Adrian U., Adam F., Diego P., Camila C., Lena H., Charley H., Amerie M., Treyvon G., Kayla J., Kennedy S., Michael A., Julia C., Scarlet R., Sadie G., Ayden P., Dez M., Levi G., Addy K., Janessa R., Azalea D., Jack W., Noe S., Kaylyn D,  Declan D., Mariana H., Akiko A., Yaretzi C., Issaiah Q., Lydia H., Elise G., Lily L., Nalah B., and Jack C. 

Source: Yakima School District