MLK, Jr. “WE THE PEOPLE” Art Contest Winners

Announcing the MLK, Jr. “WE THE PEOPLE” Art contest winners.

High School Division:

 HS 1st Place HS 2nd Place HS 3rd Place

1st place – Mayra Crowder, A.C. Davis High School

2nd place – Nadia Wright, Eisenhower High School

3rd place – Christian Reed-Rance, Stanton Academy

Middle School Division:

 MS 1st Place MS 2nd Place MS 3rd Place

1st place –Kimberly Sanchez 7th grade Union Gap School

2nd place – Jeremiah Elmore, Lewis and Clark Middle School

3rd place –Merieo Dameron, Lewis and Clark Middle School

Governor Jay Inslee submitted an art piece.  Reverend Trimble appreciates Governor Inslee personal art piece and for his participation as the Governor of this great state of Washington.

 Governor Inslee's submission

All students who entered an art piece will receive a participation award.  Rev. Trimble would like to thank the students, art teachers, and YSD for celebrating MLK, Jr. every day.

 All winners with Inslee's art

Respectfully submitted,

 Reverend Robert Trimble,

Source: Yakima School District