‘Married at First Sight’: 6 Key Moments From ‘Locked Out’ (RECAP)

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 13, Episode 10, “Locked Out.”]

Married at First Sight‘s Season 13 couples are reaching that point in the experience where some blissful beginnings are starting to turn into sour situations.

In the latest episode, “Locked Out,” some couples who got a slow start are finding their footing when it comes to intimacy. Meanwhile, others are breaking apart as new levels of trust are broken and tensions come to a head. Below, we’re breaking down all of the drama but beware of spoilers ahead.

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In a brief peek into their day-to-day lives, viewers see Johnny and Bao share some serenity during a yoga session and Ryan and Brett bond over some home-cooked breakfast. Meanwhile, Zack catches up with his friend Jeron where he reveals that Michaela’s communication is getting better sharing that after he went to his own apartment to get his TV for a movie night, he called to tell her he was tired and planned to stay at the apartment. Although upset, Zack says Michaela didn’t threaten to leave their shared apartment despite the disappointment. Not sure if that’s the win he thinks it is?

Dr. Viviana Visits

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Dr. Viviana makes house visits in the episode beginning with Brett and Ryan where she learns about the challenges the couple faces as Brett’s growing feelings become more obvious and Ryan’s remain lukewarm about her. Dr. Viviana tries to get Ryan to understand that he could end up alone if he keeps searching for a movie-like-romance. Zack and Michaela discuss trust levels with Dr. Viviana when Michaela claims they’re at a 50 percent trust level, Zack gets upset, saying that her communication is his biggest challenge in terms of the trust. He gets really upset when he begins to see that his reactions make Michaela look at herself in a negative light leading to a tearful exchange on Zack’s part. Can they find a solid footing or is the bumpy road for Zack and Michaela here to stay?

Jose and Rachel appear to be on a better wavelength as Dr. Viviana asks about their sex life. The couple agrees that their intimacy is continuing to get stronger. Rachel also says there’s full trust between her and Jose which excites the expert. The conversation is a little different for Myrla and Gil as he remains kissless, something that could be a dealbreaker on Decision Day. Dr. Viviana asks if there’s a difference for Myrla between sex and kissing, and the new bride admits that there isn’t as trust remains a big factor in how open she gets with a partner.

Former pillow barrier couple Johnny and Bao talk about their growing intimacy with Dr. Viviana as well, sharing that they’re enjoying each other after consummating the marriage. When Bao says she’d like more variety than the “vanilla sex” Johnny enjoys, her husband takes that into account.


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As part of the experience, the couples are asking each other questions sent in by the experts to help understand each other better. During Rachel and Jose’s chat, they talk about her infidelity in the past as she tells him he’ll just have to trust that she won’t be unfaithful in their marriage. Myrla and Gil discuss patience, Johnny and Bao talk about having a purpose in life. Plus, Bao opens up about her past and the shame she had over growing poor with a drunk father. Her honesty touches Johnny, further strengthening the pair’s growing bond.

Progress & Setbacks

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Michaela and Brett meet for a coffee catchup and the ladies open up about concerns in their marriages as Brett reveals Ryan has been staying at his house the past couple of days. Meanwhile, Michaela says she’s continuing to spiral out within her marriage to Zack which remains rocky. In an effort to make things less rocky though, Zack organizes a pool date for his wife as a make-up for their nonexistent honeymoon.

Brett makes dinner for Ryan and he admits that sometimes he needs to be pushed so he encourages his wife to call him on his BS, especially when it comes to dragging his feet regarding his feelings towards her. Myrla and Gil play a game to build intimacy but she’s a little jumpy about getting too close to her husband. Johnny and Bao try out a similar experiment and have a little more fun with the exercise.

Rachel & Jose

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Rachel and Jose’s bliss goes out the window when she calls him by another man’s name on their apartment’s rooftop. His reaction is to ask Rachel to leave and while they talk things out with producers separately, she tries to return to the apartment and finds she’s been locked out. The next day she tries to talk with Jose about the situation, and he claims he locked the door because he didn’t know she was coming back and didn’t hear her knocking in the middle of the night.

Rachel begins to let out some feelings she’s been holding in, revealing that his treatment of her was unacceptable and that she can’t be with him if he’s going to react to small innocent remarks in such an extreme way. Jose claims he’s being blindsided, but she says he has yet to take accountability for anything. Needless to say, the warm and fuzzy feelings are gone.


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Ryan and Brett attempt to connect with a tantric yoga session which brings on more laughter than anything, but the pair admit it is a good time and way to connect. Meanwhile, Rachel organizes an activity for the women to visit a facility that allows customers to smash TVs, glass objects, and other items with sledgehammers to help get their rage out. She tells them about not feeling love for Jose anymore after their argument. Jose on the other hand tells a different tale while golfing with the men as he recounts locking Rachel out of the apartment. Most of the men think there are holes in his story and Gil even mentions that the other man’s name that Rachel called Jose by was Johnny, which could have been a simple mix-up considering fellow cast member Johnny’s name. On a more positive note? Gil shares that he and Myrla have finally had their first kiss.

Find out where the couples will go next as Season 13 of Married at First Sight continues on Lifetime.

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