Labor Day COVID cases compared to last year

TRI-CITIES, WA – September 6 is Labor Day. The holiday usually brings friends and families together to celebrate the end of summer.

The rates of new coronavirus infections are high and so are hospitalizations.

In just the past two weeks, in Benton County, there have been 91 new cases and almost 24,000 total cases. In Franklin County, that number is 33 new cases and 1,600 total cases.

in 2020, during these times, in Benton County, there were 91 new cases with 427 total cases. In Franklin County, those numbers were 33 new cases with 382 total cases.

Things are very different this Labor Day compared to last year, but there is one main difference.

“We certainly have another tool in our tool kit now with the vaccinations. But if we haven’t been vaccinated today, we are not going to improve our conditions for Labor Day weekend, so what we really need to do is the basic protections that we have always done,” Rick Dawson, the senior manager with Benton-Franklin Health District, said.

Those protections include wearing a face covering and practicing social distance.

There is so much information on the Benton Franklin Health District on the COVID-19 disease and cases, you can head there to look where I pull the numbers from.

The case rate may also change if more new cases are reported.

Source: NBC Right Now