“It’s just in my blood, I love helping people,” said a volunteer firefighter who left his job to fight Schneider Springs Fire full time

NACHES, WA – Lt. Kevin Paxton has been a volunteer for the Nile-Cliffdell Fire and Rescue District 14 for eight years now.

As the Schneider Springs Fire grew, he knew exactly what he had to do; he left his job and hasn’t looked back.

“I’m a giver, not a taker, so I just want to give back to our communities,” said Lt. Paxton.

Lt. Paxton protects all homes and residents from the growing fire. He goes door to door letting people know when to evacuate.

Even when no one’s home, he makes sure his community is informed and safe.

“Hopefully putting them at ease,” said Lt. Kevin Paxton, ”It warms my heart because their blood pressure is high.”

There are 1,600 structures in the area, and he hasn’t lost one.

“All these outside agencies that are coming in from across the country and we’ve become one command and work so well together,” said Lt. Paxton.

Lt. Paxton said he’s on call 24/7.

“It’s a volunteer program, so when the pager goes off, you go, and you don’t know when you’re going to come home,” said Lt. Paxton.

Even when the fire is out, Lt. Paxton said, “I’m not going back to work, I need to stay up here in the community.”

Interested in volunteering alongside Lt. Paxton? Message his volunteer district on Facebook.

Source: NBC Right Now