How to wake up and stay alert without coffee

TRI-CITIES, WA – It’s National Coffee Day. Drinking coffee is great, but too much may not be a great idea.

It is possible to wake up and stay alert without coffee and there are important reasons why you want want to cut down on caffeine.

It can impact things like your heart rate and blood pressure. Gabrielle Frank, a local registered dietitian with the Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic said drinking too much coffee can cause things like jitters and anxiousness.

One way to stay alert and awake without coffee is to get active.

Drinking water in general also helps, same with eating a nutritious and varied diet.

Doing some stretching or calling a friend also could be energizing.

However, she said drinking coffee is o.k., but in moderation.

“Coffee is a fine option, I think it brings a lot of people joy, it is what some people look forward to first thing in the morning. I have a baby at home so I rely on my cup of coffee in the morning,” she said.

If you are drinking coffee make sure you do not have your last cup around 8 hours before bed. It takes a few hours to use that caffeine and get it out of your system.

Source: NBC Right Now