Hospitals are Overwhelmed with Lack of Staff and High COVID Patients

WA – Hospital capacity is currently stressed across the state of Washington. The Washington Department of Health says health care workers are trying their best to face the challenges of the pandemic but it is hard with the lack of staff and resources.

Right now, the Kittitas Valley Healthcare Hospital in Ellensburg says the hospital is full, not because of lack of beds but because of shortage in staff

“Our hospital is full and full is defined by staffing and I think that’s true with our list of pain point and I think that’s true of whether you are a critical access hospital or a major system. This is not a crisis of stuff or beds, its a crisis of staffing.” Julie Petersen, Chief Executive Officer at Kittitas Valley Healthcare.

With COVID-19 on the rise and cases going up, Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center’s Chief Operating Officer says she sees patients everyday suffering.

“I can’t describe it using any other word but misery.” said Peg Currie, Chief Operating Officer at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center.

Hospitals across the state are seeing more and more patients in the ICU with COVID related symptoms, The Washington State Hospital Association says if patients end up needing a ventilator its pretty serious.

“Folks, once they get on that ventilator many of them will not survive. It turns into a cascade of organ failure and other very serious issues.” Cassie Sauer, CEO of The Washington State Hospital Association.

Source: NBC Right Now