Have you heard of Farm to Table? At Eisenhower High School, it is IKE TO TABLE!

Eisenhower High School Ag Science and Food Science Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs are joining forces to teach students about producing and harvesting food and then turning it into food products for everyone to eat.  Therefore, the term IKE to Table is used to develop the connection between the two CTE science programs which is based on the “Farm to the Table” term.  Roderick Greggs is the IKE Ag Science Teacher and Suzanne Walker is the IKE Food Science Teacher who are working together to add cross curriculum units between their classes.  So far, Ag Science students have brought to Food Science students… Peaches, cherries, rhubarb, leaf lettuce, and carrots.  Food Science students have turned the peaches into canned peaches and made sweet onion dressing for the leaf lettuce.  Rhubarb was frozen and will later be turned into strawberry rhubarb jam.  Both Ag Science and Food Science are 3rd year CTE Science classes and/or Make up Lab Science and learning how wheat is turned into flour, what the function of each ingredient, and basic chemistry used in cooking, baking, or food preparation process.  The connection between nutrition, nutritional benefits, and the food preparation effect on the nutrients that are provided from the food that we eat are explored in the class.  Both teachers are looking for community members to support our programs and if interested to join our advisory boards. We have future plans and would like community support.  Contact:  Roderick Greggs at [email protected]  OR Suzanne Walker at [email protected]

Leaf Lettuce Grown at IKE!

Sweet Onion Dressing Recipe Prepared for the Leaf Lettuce Salad

Canned Peaches and Mrs. Walker

Carrots grown by IKE Ag Science students

Career and Technical Education

Food Science Education

Ag Science Education

Source: Yakima School District