Happy Day Giveaway

Ava, a 4th grader at Discovery Lab School under the guidance of her teacher, Mrs. Shari Fletcher created a Passion Project benefitting the school and community.

Ava’s project is called the “Happy Day Giveaway” and works like this:

happy day 2

During recess, students select an art object from  the many Ava created (a few other DLS students contributed handmade items) 

Choices included painted rocks, woven wristbands, ihand- illustrated bookmarks, and mini art paintings.

They give this item to anyone of their choosing to make them happy!

THEN the students come back the next day and select another art object that they get to keep!

happy day 1

Ava states, “Art is my passion and I want to be an artist when I grow up! This is a fun way for me to share my talent with others and at the same time make the world a little bit happier!”

 Discovery Lab salutes Ava and all the students who share their passions with the world!

happy day 3

Source: Yakima School District