Gilbert Elementary Library Night Focus on Dia de Los Muertos

Mrs. Strosahl, our librarian, hosts two Library Nights each year at Gilbert Elementary. Our first one of the year was on Thursday, November 1, at 6:30pm. This fall the theme was Dia de Los Muertos. We had 105 students and 85 parents join in the fun. Students explained the reason for celebrating Dia de los Muertos, and read personal stories of loved onese they have lost. We created an ofrenda, and students and families brought in pictures of their family members to contribute, as well as a pad de muertos, and a sugar skull. Mr. Kerr, the Assistant Principal read a story, and our music teacher, Mr. Chapman lead students in singing “Remember Me” from the movie Coco. We even had a guest arrive in her authentic Dia de Los Muertos costume. Students got to make their own skeleton puppets to take home.  It was a fabulous night!


A few of our speakers

Students posing

Source: Yakima School District