Fit is the New Skinny: Breast cancer has nothing on her workout routine

YAKIMA, WA – Amanda Lowry was diagnosed with breast cancer three weeks ago. With surgery quickly approaching, she said her main goal is a fast recovery.

To do that, Lowry got back in the yoga studio after a five-year break from exercising.

“This is my first step to a victory, I’m planning for a big win,” said Lowry.

She said what she really needs right now is God. To her, yoga is a prayer meditation. 

“Just really asking God to show me how to love myself because I’ve been so busy loving everyone else,” said Lowry.

Lowry said she’s trying three to four yoga classes every week but has to remind herself to ‘keep it simple sweetie.’ She said this is her motto for taking life one moment at a time. 

The best way to get back on track with a fitness routine is with yoga said the Renu Hot Yoga studio owner, Karissa Brandhagen.

Renu Hot Yoga provides four styles of yoga; Hot 26, Vinyasa, Yin, and Ritual Yin. New students get unlimited classes for two weeks for 25 dollars.

Brandhagen said Hot 26 is a great class for beginners but it’s important to try all the styles. 

“Students will find that they prefer one over the other but you’re going to be working out your body in different ways in different classes,” said Brandhagen.

With the upcoming flu season, yoga practice can help build immunity said Brandhagen. The infrared heating in their studios helps the body detox ten times more than a normal sauna. 

Source: NBC Right Now