Fit is the New Skinny: Boost and protect your immune system even with a busy schedule

YAKIMA, WA – We all get busy, but it’s vital to boost and protect your immunity with flu season upon us.

A combination of cardio, flexibility, and strength workouts helps boost your immunity. As well as eating plenty of veggies and fresh fruit, drinking enough water, practicing mindfulness, and reducing stress.

For many, that sounds like a lot.

“Pick maybe your top three most important to-do items that you want to get done,” said Health and Wellness coach and Passionfit CEO, Reena Vokoun.

But if one day you find yourself not able to do even those three things, Vokoun said it’s okay, don’t stress.

“Just be gentle with yourself especially right now, there’s always tomorrow,” said Vokoun, “just try your best and just know that you’re enough either way.”

It’s important to pick activities you enjoy, no matter how small said Vokoun.

“Even just waking up in the morning and saying okay, what’s one thing that I’m grateful for today,” said Vokoun.

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with her to go over your goals and how to reach them.

Vokoun has many free workouts online and a new book to empower women.

Source: NBC Right Now