First Student Completes Both GED and Diploma – Even During a Pandemic!

 Alicia Garcia

The Yakima School District Open Doors program is widely known for its GED program. A smaller number of students earn their diploma through Open Doors. This June, YSD’s, Alicia Garcia, was the first student to do both!

Alicia came to Open Doors in the 2016-2017 school year.  She was living on her own, paying rent, working at a fast-food restaurant, and coming to Open Doors when she could. Transportation was not always easy as her car was unreliable. She had no internet access and borrowed a computer when she could. Going after a GED would be a simpler, quicker path for Alicia as she knew that she was carrying a heavy load and a GED was in reach. Nine months later, Alicia completed her GED and we all celebrated her accomplishment!

Alicia surprised staff when, on the night of her GED celebration, she asked, “Can I get my diploma now?”

Alicia spent the next two years coming almost weekly to Open Doors, finishing class after class, still working full time, and living on her own. Working full time, she was able to purchase a computer and a reliable car (that she knows how to fix herself we might add). 

When COVID-19 hit, Alicia had one more class to finish and she did it.  Like all the other graduates of 2020, Alicia did not get to walk and turn her tassel to share her victory with family and friends. Nevertheless, Alicia has her diploma in hand…and her GED!

Alicia is now on to community college. Congratulations, Alicia! #YSDpride

Source: Yakima School District