Fatal Crash with No Criminal Charges From The Prosecutor

YAKIMA, WA – Back in May, Carollee Fisher had been crossing the intersection of Tieton drive and 40th, the driver didn’t make a complete stop and did not see Carollee step into the cross walk causing the accident to happen. Carollee died due to the severity of her wounds.

Joseph Brusic, the prosecutor on this case didn’t make his decision about the traffic fatality until August 31st, 2021.

In the prosecutors statement he said “It is my opinion, based upon the law and facts, that the state simply cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Van Wagoner drove with a disregard for the safety of others…. the loss of this young lady is tragic for her family and for our community. However, we cannot charge someone with a crime based solely on emotion.”

With this decision made, Carollee’s husband wanted to express his opinion regarding the case.

“I don’t care about the money, no amount of money is going to fix everything that has been destroyed, it doesn’t bring Carolee back.” said John Fisher. “It doesn’t fix anything. It doesn’t mean anything. What means something is that we live in a society a person can take another persons life and because they did it with a car rather than with a pipe or a piece of wood, their off the hook – they get a ticket.”

Yakima County Prosecuting Attorney, Joseph Brusic said he made his decisions based on Washington State law.

“In looking at all the facts as my memorandum indicated, we we did not, I did not feel that we would be able to prove that a criminal act took place.” Joseph Brusic, Yakima County Prosecuting Attorney.

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