Erika Rutter

Today we celebrate Erika Rutter! YWCA Yakima is on a mission to empower women. #52women52weeks was created to celebrate and highlight the amazing women & #SHEros in the #YakimaValley. More about Erika..
What is one word that describes you perfectly?

What advice would you give to the next generation of female leaders?
I would advise the next generation of female leaders to be open and direct about what they want and where they want to go professionally. Most people do want to help you and do want to work with you. Tell everyone you meet what your goals are. You never know who is connected to who. Do not be afraid to ask someone to join you for coffee to pick their brain about your next possible career move. Most likely the person will be flattered that you think they are successful or knowledgeable enough to learn from. If you are given a job offer, always ask if the salary is negotiable. The worst they can say is no, but if you never ask you will never have the opportunity.
What makes you happy?
Exploring new places with the people I love.
How do you measure success?
By the impact you have on your community.
What historical event inspires you the most?
The decision in United States Federal Court of Appeals case Moritz v. Commissioner, 469 F.2d 466 (10th Cir. 1972).
What is your favorite quote and why?
“The important thing is neither your nationality nor the religion you profess, but how your faith translates itself into your life.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

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