Downtown Chili Cook-off

Chili Cook-off

Yakima School District’s Chief Fun Officer Sharon Adams organized a Chili Cook-off at the Central Office Friday November 15, 2019.  The official winner of the Cook-off is Chris Rude with Shreddy the Reddy Chili.  The real winners are the Downtown staff who enjoyed the tasty creations.

Contestants came up with creative chili names.  The contestants and entries were:

  • Jennifer Baird-Captian Thunderpants,
  • Susan Miller-Awesome Turkey Chipotle,
  • Andre Froemke-Chick’n keeps on Kick’n,
  • Kristi Kirk-Great Bowls of Fire, and
  • Olivia Martinez~Meam Mama

Thank you all for your entries and providing lunch to the Central Services team!

Our judges, Scott Izutsu, Ismani Valencia, Anthony Murrietta, Chantel Heffington and Dan Lnenicka scored big by sampling all

A perfect way to end the workweek!

Source: Yakima School District