Does size matter? Local wineries say for grapes, it does

ZILLAH, WA – The Sheridan Vineyard is getting ready for grape harvest this year, but they are noticing something a little different.

The grapes are much smaller this year, said the Sheridan Vineyard owner, Scott Greer.

This means wine harvested from these grapes could be more bitter.

“It just be like boom, here’s a big burst of fruit, but as you’re swallowing, the flavors kind of disappears,” said Greer.

People may like it more if they like wine that packs a big punch said, Greer.

He said he hasn’t seen as much smoke taint in his vineyard as he thought.

“For us, being that far away right now, we should have zero smoke taint issues, but never say never,” said Greer.

If the wildfire smoke gets worse, he said they’ll have to make some major changes in how they make wine this year.

“Maybe not do a cold soak at all and just go in the tank, pitch yeast, ferment, get in and out in 7 days and get it off the skins cause that’s where all this taint lives,” said Greer.

Greer said all he can do right now is listen to his vineyard and pray for the best.

“I worry about everything all the time, even in a perfect vintage, I worry,” said Greer.

The Sheridan Vineyard is open for tastings Thursday through Sunday from noon to 4 p.m.

Source: NBC Right Now