Discovery Lab's Lending Library

Ms. Miriam Hubbard, Discovery Lab School Librarian, created a lending library for students on her front porch.

Ms. Hubbard was worried that students would not have access to a variety of  high quality reading materials during the pandemic.

The lending library started last spring and as of today, over 1800 books have been checked out and returned by students.

There are many genres and age groups represented including “board books” for pre-K students as well as fiction and non-fiction titles appropriate for high school students and adult age groups.

All Yakima School District students are welcome to participate.

You may call Discovery Lab School at 509-573-5400  or email Ms. Hubbard Ms. Hubbard organizing books in lending library

Ms. Miriam Hubbard organizing books at the front porch lending library.

Source: Yakima School District