CODE RED FOR HUMANITY: Rethink transportation

TRI-CITIES, WA – Choosing to live in walkable smart-growth cities and towns will public transportation leads to less driving, less money spent on fuel, and less pollution in the air.

Bike Tri-Cities is an advocacy organization and Maggie Shear, the president of Wheelhouse Bike Community, is a part of them.

Shear said they collaborate with the city to make Tri-Cities a more bicycle-friendly place. They remind planners and contractors that there are people who do not drive cars and use alternative transportation.

She said they have been successful with previous projects, but there is more work to be done. They are currently working on other projects to identify obstacle places.

“Places where bike lanes end. Places, where there is only one crossing and bicycles, are not really welcome because they are heavily used. Identity places that are unsafe for unfriendly, in general,” Shear said.

She said some projects include widening road edges to allow bicycles to have some space and redesign interactions so bicyclists can be safe.

Source: NBC Right Now