Celebrate National Chai Day: What is chai and how to make it at home

WALLA WALLA, WA – September 21 is National Chai Day. It’s a day to appreciate a globally healthy and beneficial drink.

Chai or masala chai is a tea made by boiling black tea in milk and water. Paul Singh, the owner of Maharaja: The Taste of India and Walla Walla Indian Cuisine said, you can also add a mixture of herbs and spices.

The drink originates from India. He says it is a staple drink in many Indian households.

Here’s his recipe on how to make chai:

1. Add a half cup of water that needs to be boiled on the gas until bubbles start.

2. Add three-quarter spoons of sugar. Add the same quantity of brewed tea leaves. For a better taste, add few fennel seeds, small pieces of ginger, and liquorice roots.

3. Leave the fire heat for a few minutes. When boiling starts, add a third quarter of a cup of milk.

4. Leave the chai a few more minutes on low heat.

5. Your chai is ready. Enjoy!

If you would like to buy chai instead of making it at home, you can visit Maharaja: The Taste of India in Kennewick or Walla Walla Indian Cuisine in Walla Walla.

Source: NBC Right Now